Relevant - Creative - Quality

Each business, book proposal, event, website and brochure is different and each have their own stand out qualities. I will take time to get to know your project and develop a truly unique approach, custom made for you.  I bring over fifteen years of writing experience in articles, business plans, website content, event proposals, athletic proposals and creative writing to your project or business enabling me to deliver quality, relevant material. 

Small Businesses
  • Develop Your Brand
  • Find Marketing Solutions to Develop Consistent Traffic
  • Organize & Plan
  • Add Creative, Relevant Touches
  • Create Supporting Media
  • Market Your Work
  • Develop Proposals for Submission
  • Organize Shows for Visual Artists
  • 'Business Up' Your Work
  • Organize and Catalog Online and On Paper
  • Create Supporting Media
  • Organize & Develop Your Plan
  • Brand Your Name & Stand Out to Sponsors
  • Create Supporting Media

I am very passionate about cause driven marketing.  I offer a signifigant discount to charities of all kinds.  Close to my heart are rescue organizations whether for animals or humans.  Please contact me for details.

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